• First and foremost “Surviving Chance” is not a martial arts class where the lower level belts are in the back rows and the higher level belts are in the first row. “Surviving Chance” is a program to teach Kung Fu self-defense techniques to the everyday person who has never had any martial arts training. Over many years this unique program has evolved. It was designed to accommodate people with three things in common:

    • No interest in the Martial Arts except for the occasional Jackie Chan movie.
    • Not a lot of time to work out.
    • A need to know how to protect themselves and a family member.

    Common sense tells most of us that it is not a good idea to get into a boxing match when an attacker surprises you. Surviving chance is about giving you that extra time to escape and allow help to arrive.

    “Surviving Chance” will provide you with the tools necessary to make a decision in a time of distress when most people “freeze” and are unable to protect themselves. Mental preparation and a step by step technique will give you the element of surprise and effectiveness to be successful in an unavoidable confrontation.

    Make a commitment to make a PAC (Preparation – Practice. Awareness –Attitude. Confidence – Commitment.) with yourself right now. Combine this philosophy with the hand techniques, coin throw and many more basic self defense moves and you will understand why this could be one of the most important seminars you will ever participate in.

  • Get a Surviving Chance