• In today’s urban landscape it is a necessity to be prepared and trained to protect yourself and your loved one.

    This is not a martial arts seminar! Surviving Chance was designed with the everyday person in mine, people with no time or interest for extensive martial arts training. It not a good idea to get into a boxing or sparing match with your attacker. Remember it not how much you know, it what you know and how well you can you it! Surviving Chance is about giving you that extra time to escape or for help to arrive.

    Surviving Chance provide you with the mental preparation and step by step technique that can give you the element of surprise and effectiveness to be successful in an unavoidable confrontation. When participating in a Surviving Chance seminar, you will learn the important of making a PAC with your self.

    - Preparation – Practice

    -Awareness – Attitude

    C - Confidence – Commitment

    Combined with the hand techniques, kicks and training with everyday accessible items, you will agree that this could be one of the most Valuable seminar you ever attend.

  • Get a Surviving Chance